Platinum Account

Terms and Conditions

General Setup
Traders will be able to subscribe to Platinum Accounts after they successfully trade and achieve 10% profit with a Professional account (and also get approval from Risk Team).

Traders who are offered AO (Account option) with option to upgrade after achieving 10% on Basic/Professional account can upgrade only when approved and the subscription of new account only takes effect when the current subscription expires. Upgrade cannot take place within a live

Remote traders are compensated on a profit split basis only. You keep 50% of your profits once (and only when) you hit your target of 5%.

There is a 5% draw-down on the account for all remote traders, which leads to account closure.

Fund request can be made multiple times in a month. Request must be made by 20th of each month to be paid by 25th of the same month.

Any live account that has been allocated to a trader and hasn’t hit a drawdown limit but has been dormant for 6 months will be permanently closed and inaccessible.

 Remote Trader Policies and Guidelines

(1) All Remote Traders are required to abide by the trade policies, guidelines, and risk management as set out by Stochastic Africa and our Implementing partners at all times. Please be advised that trade rules, especially those covering risk, are subject to change at any time. All clarification on any of the below should be sought prior to trading.

(2) Traders will initially run a $50,000 book, trading the G10 FX pairs, Gold, Silver, Major Indices or as agreed.


The following currencies may be traded as pairs: 

United States Dollar (USD), Euro (EUR), Pound Sterling (GBP), Japanese Yen (JPY), Australian Dollar (AUD), New Zealand Dollar (NZD), Canadian Dollar (CAD), Swiss Franc (CHF), Norwegian Krone (NOK), Swedish Krona (SEK) and any other on our platform or if pre-approved.


Gold (XAU/USD), Silver (XAG/USD) 


Germany30 (GER30Cash),  US30 (US30Cash), France40 ( FRA40Cash), UK100 (UK100Cash),  Europe 50 (EU50Cash), US 500 (US500Cash),  US100 (US100Cash).

(3) Maximum Leverage of 1:10 and maximum lot per trade is 1.0 for live accounts.

(4) Trading hours of 6:00am – 9pm (Monday – Friday) London time.

(5) Overnight positions allowed with Platinum Accounts

(6) All trades must be closed by 9pm London time on Fridays before weekend. Positions held or opened after this time will be closed and restrictions will be placed on the account until the next trading session.

(7) Hedging is not allowed. 2 or more opposing positions that result in margin limit breaches are deemed to be unauthorised trading activities.

(8) Unauthorised positions will result in the termination of the subscription.

(9) Facilitation fee of $250 per month.

(10) Traders will not be liable for losses caused by trading activity.


Profit Withdrawals

50/50 profit split ratio shared between Stochastic Africa and Implementing partners and the trader.

All withdrawals are based on 5% profit blocks.

That means for the $50,000 account, you can withdraw in blocks of $2500($1250[trader]: $1250[service providers]). A trader can withdraw in multiples of $2500 as many times they so wish as long as it is within their profit share.


                  i.                        We now encourage all traders to bank their profits by processing “fund request” at anytime they have at least 5% growth in their trading account.  This protects withdrawn amounts for the trader but also encourages traders not to take excessive risks with the capital left in the trading account. We automatically bank the first 5% profit on a new account on behalf of traders.

               ii.                        A trader can withdraw/ bank multiple times as they wish up to the 20th of every month for the traders share of 50% to be paid to trader on the 25th of the same month. All requests made after 20th of a month will be processed and paid the following month.

            iii.                        If trader banks their withdrawal funds, and is in need for additional funds in their trading account for any reason, they can request via email to for funds to be credited in their trading account, provided their share of profits has not yet been transferred to their personal accounts on the 25th. In such scenario, the maximum that can be transferred back into the trading account is trader’s 50% share as the fund owners will retain their share of 50%.


A trader’s trading account must not have a net equity of less than -2.5% of account size, on the 25th of the month which is date of payment for profits withdrawn to be paid (for eg., on a $25k account, the balance or net equity must not be less than -$625 on the 25th when funds requested are paid out) .

If not, trader has the following options:

                      i.                       wait until the next accounting period and ensure account balance or net equity not less than -2.5%  of account size(>= -$625 for $25k accounts) by date of payment;

                  ii.                        request to transfer from the banked profits back into trading account to bring its net equity balance to at least >=-2.5%. Then any extra funds remaining from the trader’s share can be processed to go into traders account on the 25th.  Since we do everything in blocks of 5%, then any instruction for payment to or from banked profit will be in blocks of 50% (5% of account) which is trader’s share.



Once a trader hits the maximum drawdown of 5% on an account, account will be closed and trader will not be accepted again in our program (unless in exceptional circumstances).



Capital Management Increases
Your account can be doubled in size once you make 10% profit on initial starting capital on a platinum account (without withdrawing 10% banked profit and subject to further risk assessment).

Therefore, when you take the account from $50,000 à $55,000 you will then be moved to manage a $100,000 account with max position sizes of up to 100k.

If you decide to trigger the ‘profit split’ at this point, 10% ($5,000) or at 5% ($2,500) then you will stay on the $50,000 account rather than progressing to the larger account.

For each 10% that you make and don’t withdraw then you will be managing and trading larger funds in that order (subject to further risk assessment).

Easier put: if you make 10% on a $50,000 account, followed by a further 10% on a 100,000 account without withdrawing the profit split, You will then be managing a 200,000 account. Where then if you make 5% = ($10,000) on this size account your profit split will be $5,000 and the fund owners’ will be $5,000.

The profit from previously will remain in the vault account and can be withdrawn if you leave us or stop trading with us at 50/50 split rate. If you decide to withdraw all profit and stay with us, you will then restart on a $25,000 or $50,000 trading account respectively.

If the trader’s ambition is to trade larger account sizes they must keep the profit in the account at each 10% profit mark.

However, if the trader wants to continue to withdraw profits at each 5% mark then they can stay on a $25,000 or $50,000 account. Either option is not an issue for Stochastic Africa and our funders’ and is open to the trader’s desire.