Frequently Asked Questions

How do I qualify to trade on Proprietary trading Account?

You should either submit your three months positive trading history but if you don’t have it you are required to trade in our demo account and hit a profit of 10% of the account size. Alternatively, you can subscribe to the Expert Account which does not require initial assessment from us.

Do I have to do a trial run first or I have to present trading records?

You either have to submit your three months positive trading history but if you don’t have it you are required to trade on our demo account and hit a profit of 10% of account size but only if you would require trading on the professional account.

Do you clear subscription fee first before trading on demo accounts?

No. Demo account can be accessed for free.

Are there conditions to trade in the demo account?

No. But you are supposed to hit a 10% profit as an initial condition to be qualified to trade in live accounts.

How will I receive the login details to the demo account?

Accounts department will send login details directly to your email address.

How long does it take for a client to receive trial Account logins or Live Account logins?

It takes maximum of 3 days to receive your logins details.

Does Demo Account have a draw down and profit target?

Yes it does have a targeted profit of 10% and a maximum drawdown of 5% of account size

How do I send evidence after hitting a target of 10% in the demo account?

You request for assessment by sending an email to accounts@stochasticafrica.i4acmmosmedia.com and send your documents for verification to documents@stochasticafrica.i4acmmosmedia.com.

Am I allowed to send screenshot of my trading history?

You are required to send Statement of Trading history. If however you used Stochastic Demo accounts, you only need to reference your demo account number, so no need for history.

How to download my trading history from the platform?

You can request it from your broker

Am I allowed to pay upfront before passing assessment stage?

No. You will only be required to clear subscription fee after being assessed and allowed to proceed with other procedures.
But in the case of Expert accounts, you can pay upfront during the subscription registration process as this account does not require initial assessment.

Before I clear subscription fee do you require submission of documents first?

Yes, you should submit Proof of Identity and Proof of Address.

Which documents are needed to be approved before receive my live Account?

We will need 1(one) proof of ID and 1(one) proof of Residence. i.e. any one from list(i) and any one from list(ii) below:

  1. A copy of Identification card ( National ID, passport, or driving Licence)
  2. Affidavit of residence or any other proof of your residence ( bank statement, Utility bill, formal lease agreement, or a stamped letter from employer

Why am I supposed to clear the subscription fee to access a live account?

This is a facilitation fee to link you with the Financiers.

Which payment methods can I use to clear subscription fee?

Bank transfer, debit/credit card or mobile payment if available in your country.

What is the leverage in the proprietary accounts?

A maximum leverage of 1:10

What is the maximum lot size with your 1:10 leverage in all accounts?

For every position you trade there is a limit of 1 lot per trade you can trade as many depending with your account size and risk management.

Is it possible for One client to register for multiple trading Accounts?

We offer multiple trading accounts for one client.

Which assets can be traded in Stochastic Africa’s Proprietary Trading Accounts?

The following currencies may be traded as pairs:
United States dollar (USD), Euro (EUR), Pound sterling (GBP), Japanese yen (JPY), Australian dollar (AUD), New Zealand dollar (NZD), Canadian dollar (CAD), Swiss franc (CHF), Norwegian krone (NOK), Swedish krona (SEK) or any other if pre- approved.
Gold (XAU/USD), Silver (XAG/USD)
Germany30 (GER30Cash), US30 (US30Cash), France40 ( FRA40Cash), UK100 (UK100Cash), Europe 50 (EU50Cash), US 500 (US500Cash), US100 (US100Cash).

What are the trading platforms used to trade with Proprietary trading Accounts?

Platform used is Metatrader 4

How to go about making clearing subscription fee?

To clear subscription fee you first need to pass our assessment stage (for Professional account) and for expert account you can directly register for a live account in the package of your choice after submitting your particulars you can add the product to the cart and proceed with other checkout process, you can pay via bank transfer, debit/credit card or mobile payment if available in your country.

Is Account growth available or not?

Yes. After you have reached 10% profit and bank it.

Is the capital fund given to members only?

No. All professional traders can have access to the capital fund.

How can I withdrawal Profit from my Trading Account?

You simply fill in the fund request form found on trading capital page. Once you submit, it will be processed by account and if successful, you will receive a confirmation email within 12hrs and paid on the 25th of the calendar month as stated in our withdrawal policy.

How long does it take to process withdrawal of funds?

The process of withdrawals can be made any date of the month but payment to the client bank account will be done from 25th to 30th of the calendar month.

Are traders allowed to trade around London session only?

No. Traders trading on our platforms can trade all sessions.

Can I trade over the weekend?

No trading over the weekend except for special circumstances which will require approval from risk team.

Can I trade Binary Options and other financial instruments apart from forex?

No trading binary options. But other financial instruments are allowed as demonstrated in our platform when it is accessed

Are the previous accounts disabled?

Yes they are.

What are the additional services compared to the previous services of the product?

The improved version of Proprietary trading Account concentrates on;

  1. Increasing of leverage
  2. Reduction of Subscription Fee
  3. Simplified methods of Accessing the Accounts

Can I request to adjust my start date of trading?

Depends on the reason to postpone before starting trading, requests should be sent to support@stochasticafrica.i4acmmosmedia.com . You can take a break in between trading months and when you come back you will find the account the same as you left off in the previous month

What is a proprietary trading and how we use it?

Proprietary trading, which is also known as “prop trading,” occurs when a trading desk at a business/financial institution, brokerage firm, investment bank, hedge fund or other liquidity source uses the firm’s capital and balance sheet to conduct self-promoting transactions.

What is the relationship with traders/subscribers?

All traders on our proprietary accounts trade on behalf of us. That means, we rely on skills of professional traders to trade our trading accounts with the aim of generating profits, which is shared at 50:50. In order to gain access to our proprietary account, one has to be a subscribed member

Is Stochastic Africa a broker?

No. Stochastic Africa is not a broker. However, just like any professional trader or business institution, Stochastic Africa uses the services of a ‘regulated broker’ to perform its trading operations.

Is Stochastic Africa Regulated?

Stochastic Africa does not hold client’s funds neither does it trade with public funds or on behalf of the public. All trading funds used are either the business’s or funds obtained via credit facilities extended to business. We however work with only regulated firms or brokers. However, every trader using our proprietary account has the obligation to ensure they comply to all local regulations.

Why charge $100 for live trial account?

We want everyone to have a fair shot and access to trading capital. The operations of Trial accounts also demands resources which cost us as a company. However, in order to be fair to all traders, traders who achieve trial targets are eligible to proceed to the Professional Subscription. Bottom line, we are only seeking good and talented traders and not out to make money from subscriptions.

Also, paying for the access/trial accounts vets traders so that only serious traders take up the opportunity.

Why can’t i take a retest immediately but wait for at least 14 days?

Our ultimate goal is to get good traders who can trader our larger accounts with no Limit on drawdowns but responsibly. At the same time, we are responsible and have moral responsibility not to encourage non skilled traders to lose money, by failing multiple times.

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