FAQ’s for Trading Platform

New Applicant FAQ’s

Q)How do I qualify to trade on Proprietary trading or funded Account?

A)You can only access our proprietary accounts that are funded by completing our training program or subscribing to use our funded account if you are already a professional trader. We realised over the past 2 years that providing only a subscription strategy for access was bad for both the professional traders as well as the company. As a result, we focus on the company’s main goal of developing high quality graduates equipped with all the resources that are currently available whilst subscription option exists for professionals.

Training FAQs

Q) How long is the Proprietary training and what are the requirements?

A) The training is for 1 month. We have 3 cohorts every quarter starting on the first Monday of every month. The entire training is via zoom, but additional support is made available locally by our local trainer where available and if required.

Q)Are there Monthly Subscription to be paid for training?

A) No. There are no subscriptions to be paid. The only payment to be made is the one for training. Once training is completed, all graduates have the option to access our proprietary account and progress for free based on performance only.

Q) I am already a trader. Why do I still require your Proprietary training?

A) Everyone erroneously believes they are professional traders until you give them real funds to manage. Over 3 years of operations, we realised that most traders still lacked some skills required to manage risk and discipline effectively. We also realised that majority of these traders make up the 80% statistics who fail. We therefore want to now develop a community of traders that are fully equipped with all the knowledge and skills that is similar to institutional traders so that they can work with us to mutually succeed

Q) Am I required to pay upfront for the cost of training before proceeding?

A) Yes. This will be the only payment to be made by you in order for you to access our live funded professional account. After proprietary training, you will be given lifetime chance to grow from the professional funded account of $10k to Expert funded account worth up to $100k dependent on consistency and achieving key milestones.

Trading FAQ’s

Q)When will I start trading on a live funded account?

A) You start trading on a live funded test account immediately after the proprietary training with us. This is free. However, if you fail the test, you will have to pay $100 for another attempt to cover additional exposure to us. It is entirely to take the test immediately after training or some time later but within 3 months after training. Once live test is passed, you can progress to a live funded professional account. You can choose to stay on this account for 12months with our terms and conditions or progress to an even bigger Expert account by achieving key milestones and consistency.

Q)Does Demo accounts have evaluation and drawdown limits?

A)Demo accounts normally are set up to reflect your real funded account trading conditions in every aspect as a professional trader with us. However, you can use as many demo accounts as you like during training or for trying out different strategies.

Q) How do I apply for a live funded professional account after qualifying?

A) You can send a request to accounts@stochasticafrica.com or by creating a live account on our cTrader platform manually which will redirect you to a specific landing page where you will fill out a form.

Q) Will I be considered to trade for you if I send out my trading history with good performance?

A) No. We no longer evaluate traders based on their trading history because over the past years of operations, we recruited traders that provided excellent trading history but once given access to our live proprietary accounts, they performed differently. For this reason, a new trader will have to create their own trading history after our proprietary training.